Having been involved in various stages of planning and marketing for Catalyst’s Notting Hill regeneration project, Portobello Square, over the years we were recently commissioned to develop a refreshed set of interior and exterior marketing CGIs for the latest marketing activities.


Spaces, not just homes

Previously images had been more focused around the architecture but with Catalyst’s ethos of creating spaces and neighbourhoods to live, rather than purely the homes, more of a focus of everyday life around the community’s central park with family and friends was key to the latest requirements.


Inside and out

For a complete refresh to the interior CGIs, as well as the exteriors, we were asked to design new interior styling, bringing them up to date so they were modern and clean to reflect the contemporary architecture.

Covering all angles

With complete freedom around the 3D model we explored many cameras and lighting scenarios, before settling on the final 20 CGIs.

A mix of wider and closer up vignette shots and activities were produced, in a variety of aspect ratios, to give as much flexibility for the marketing collateral across all mediums.

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