Design and Planning Application Support

Building excitement

Whether a single building or a huge masterplan, we support your architectural design teams to bring plans to life and create excitement during the planning stages through our high-quality CGIs, photomontages or verified views (AVRs).

Discover how you can work with our trusted visualisation team.

Verified Views + Reports / Photomontages / Photography / CGI

Successful outcomes

We help planners maximise the chances of a successful outcome.

See exactly how your design looks within its context, using our realistic planning visualisations. 

We help your team review how its forms and materials read to inform any final design decisions before you release images for public consultation or submit a planning application.

Experienced in avrs

When ultimate accuracy is required for planning applications, we produce verified views (AVRs).

Involving survey data and precise photography, we follow quality control procedures and best practices laid down by the Landscape Institute.

These are then documented in a methodology report, to be used as a supporting document for the planning application to verify the accuracy of the images.

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We have a track record of delivering visualisations that turn heads and get people talking.