By bringing designs to life during the planning stages, we not only develop invaluable tools that inform and sell visions but also play an important role in finalising design decisions and in turn maximising profit.

Whether attracting investors, engaging public and stakeholders or submitting a planning application, our goal is to win support and excitement with compelling imagery.


  • Computer generated images (CGIs) – Where no photo of the context is possible or needed
  • Photomontages – Combining the proposed with a photo, or combination of photos of the existing context
  • Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs) or Verified Views – extremely accurate photomontages
  • 3D illustrations – Simplifying complex design information into one, or a series of images

Also known as Verified Views or Verified Photomontages these can be required by local councils to show with extreme accuracy, not only what a development will look but its visual impact on its surroundings.

This is particularly important in sensitive planning applications, and it is usually required on a number of specified viewpoints.

For this meticulous work we use GPS and survey data, working with the best photographers and surveyors.

Our in-house quality control procedures and best practices laid down by the Landscape Institute are then documented in a methodology report that is used as a supporting document for the planning application.


Architectural Visualisation planning CGIs


Architectural Visualisation planning photomontage


Architectural Visualisation planning verifiable

3D Illustrations

Architectural Visualisation planning illustrations